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Most famous for their use of the so-called memling latchhook design on their bag faces, the weavings of the Jaf Kurds present the classic problem of seeming regularity with minor but identifiable differences that distinguish one bag from another. Our speaker, Conroy Cavanna, is well known for his passion and knowledge of these weavings. (The rug community still awaits his masterwork!) It was his father, dealer/scholar Roger Cavanna, who established Carpets of the Inner Circle.

Conroy will help us examine pieces from both his own collection and those brought in by our members, educating us as to what in his mind makes one piece better or different from another, an exercise known in the rug trade as “Good-Better-Best.”

In addition, other Kurdish weavings from related tribes -- Sauj Bulaq, Sanandaj and Herki -- may also be examined. Some of them are Western Iranian-Zagros Mountians tribes, some are now found in eastern Anatolia (Herki). The Jaf are interesting and famous for being centered in North-East Iraq, but they spill over into Western Iran.

Conroy’s gallery will be decorated with a variety of Western Iranian pieces, and so visitors will have the opportunity to inspect a range of Zagros Mountains weavings during the social hour.


S. Peter Poullada

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Please note that the event scheduled for November 11 at Emmett Eiland’s Gallery in Berkeley has had to be postponed. As a result, there will be no SFBARS event in November.

All Members are invited to attend the ARTS-Antique Rug and Textile Show at the Motel Capri in San Francisco, 2015 Greenwich Street. For information go to web site at Click on list of 35-plus exhibitors and a preview of over 2000 items that will be on sale. The ARTS is a co-operation between 35 antique rug and textile dealers and Jozan Magazine. The main organizer is well known former Bay Area dealer Michael Craycraft.

Members sincerely interested in participating in the preparations for a possible February 2011 ACOR (American Conference of Oriental Rugs) in the Bay Area are invited to join Tom Hubbard, President of ACOR, and Peter Poullada at a lunch meeting at Greens Restaurant in Fort Mason, San Francisco, at noon on October 16th. Depending on response, we may be putting together an Executive Committee to begin work on this project. Those interested please RSVP to Peter Poullada at 415-602-0709.

Party at Jim Dixon's Occidental Garden and Carpet Palace. In conjunction with the Carpet show at the Capri Motel, Jim is opening his doors for an afternoon of socializing and carpet viewing. He has hung a new selection of masterpieces on his walls and welcomes all members, friends and visiting dealers to an open house starting at 12:00 noon. Directions to Jim Dixon's house appear at the end of this newsletter. Telephone number 707-874-9512. Jim welcomes RSVPs.

Carol Bier will speak at Simonian Gallery in San Mateo about “Textiles and Art of the Doris Duke Collection at Shangri La in Honolulu” at our joint meeting with the Armenian Rug Society.

This is planned for the end of January. Details will follow.

Dennis Marquand will discuss and show his Uzbek Tribal Weavings, coinciding with the Tribal Textiles and Arts Show at Fort Mason. Details on time and place to follow.

Mid month we plan the Second Annual SFBARS Rug and Textile Bazaar, Members Moth Market, at the Emmett Eiland Gallery, 9th Ave. Berkeley. Date to be determined.

Call for New Blood! Because of turnover in our Board membership, we are looking for some committed and energetic individuals to join the Board. We meet at least two times a year to organize events, review finances and plan new initiatives. We would like to take some new directions in soliciting new members, expanding and upgrading the web-site, arranging a variety of events, including our Annual Dinner/Auction, and raising our profile in the Bay Area community.

If you are interested in joining current Board Members in any of these initiatives and/or in joining the Board, please contact Jon Eldan, Secretary, at We will be having our next Board meeting at his law offices in the Ferry Building in San Francisco at 1:00 on December 3rd. Those interested are invited and encouraged to attend.

All SFBARS Dealers SFBARS has a large stock of the exhibition catalogue, Oriental Rugs from Pacific Collections by Murray Eiland, from the 1990 ICOC conference in San Francisco. We are eager to donate them to interested galleries and dealers who will help the Society solicit NEW MEMBERS. If you are interested, please contact Peter Poullada at
Erratum The next ACOR conference is being planned for 2011 (not 2010). See October 16 above.

Call for Nominations
R. L. Shep Ethnic Textile Book Award, Textile Society of America
Nominations for the best book on ethnographic textiles published in 2009 are now being accepted. The award, endowed by R. L. Shep in 2000, encourages the study and understanding of textile traditions by recognizing and rewarding exceptional scholarship in the field. Please send the full bibliographic citation of each book nominated to Barbara Belle Sloan, Associate Director, Center for the Study of Regional Dress, Fowler Museum at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1549; .

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