Jan 29, 1999: Murray Eiland III: Georgian Rugs of the Caucasus: Mohammad Zavvar's Hazara Gallery, Oakland

Feb 25, 1999: Marla Mallett, Author of Woven Structures: Enigmatic Village Rugs:
Tribal Imagery or Cartoon Spin-Off?  Richard Habib's Alexanders, SF

March 28, 1999: Design in Persian Rugs Presentations: Panel Discussion with Roger Cavanna, Murray Eiland III, Cornelia Montgomery (for Peter Pap). Moderator:  John Sommer. Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, UC Berkeley In association with the museum exhibition: Ancient treasures from Modern Iran. Co-sponsered by The Textile Arts Council of The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

April 2, 1999: Roger Cavanna: Jaheeziyeh, The Dowry Tradition: Its Impact on Persian Weavings: Carpets of the Inner Circle, SF. In association with an exhibition in the gallery

April 30, 1999: Richard Tapper: Living with the Shahsevan Nomads: Richard Tapper, Professor of Anthropology, The University of London, will be in San Francisco where his wife, a documentary film maker, is to receive an award for her film Divorce Iranian Style.  He has lived with the Shahsevan for a number of years.  Tony Kitz Oriental Carpets SF

May 20, 1999: Sara Wolf, Margaret Dodge Wing Chair in Conservation, The Textile Museum: Significance and Meaning in Anatolian Kilims.  She will be curating an exhbition on Anatolian kilims in the coming year: Emmett Eiland Oriental Rug Company, Berkeley

???May 25, 1999: Dr. Elena Tsareva, St. Petersburg: Turkman Weavings of the Middle Amu Darya: Peter Pap Oriental Rugs SF

June 26/27, 1999: Jim Dixon: Turkish Village and Prayer Rugs: An invitation to fellow SFBARS members to view rugs from his private collection. Jim Dixon's private home, Kensington
July 9, 1999: Marian E. Rodee, Native Weaving of the American Southwest. Marian Rodee is Curator of Southwestern Ethnology, The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, U. of New Mexico, Albuquerque. The Goethe Room, The Calif. Academy of Sciences, SF

Aug Vacation

Sept 1, 1999: John Sommer Central Asian Felts (Shyrdaks) and The Concept of Conservation of Materials:
And The Michael Andrews Memorial Fund: A Presentation. Richard Habib's Alexander's, The Showplace Design Center., S.F.

Oct 17, 1999: Murray Eiland MD( unable to be present) John Sommer: Kilims in Yosemite: Original furnishings of the
Ahwahnee Hotel, The Ahwahnee Hotel, Yosemite National Park

Nov 13, 1999: Jim Dixon Oriental Rugs in Occidental: Jim Dixon invites his fellow SFBARS members to view his vast collection of Oriental rugs on full display in his newly built, newly opened house in Occidental.  Jim Dixon's home, Occidental

Dec 9, 1999: Eighth Annual SFBARS Dinner Meeting.  Brian Morehouse: Carpets and Yastiks from Southwestern Anatolia (The
Menderes River Valley): Annual Dinner The Thomas Starr King Room, The First Unitarian Church, SF.


Jan 12, 2000: Parviz Tanavoli: Afshar Weaving.  Parviz Tanavoli is the former head of the Sculpture Department, Teheran University, Iran. Mahammad Zavvar's Hazara Gallery, Oakland.

February: Diane Mott: Between theBlack Desert and The REd: Turkmen Carpets from the Wiedersperg Collection.  (A walk-through of the exhibition.) The M.H. De Young Memorial Museum, S.F.

Mar 29, 2000: Martha Henze: Early Carpets and Curtains in Ethiopian Churches: Textile discoveries in Ethiopia Joseph and Araxi Bezdjian's Simonian Oriental Rugs, A Division of Rugs & CArpets, Inc.

April, 2000: Dee Court. Uzbek Costumes: Parnajas, A Case Study.  Dee Court is the Chair of the Textile Study Gorup of the Asian ARt Society of Australia: Emmett Eiland's Oriental Rug Co.

April 28,29 2000: Humanities West Program: Behind the Veil: The Islamic World in Western Art and Literature (Orientalism): Herbst Theater, SF.

June 5, 2000: Tom Cooper, Ann Sloatman, John Sommer:  Potpourri: 1. Miniature Oriental Rugs: A Tobacco Marketing Ploy: 2. Weavings (of one of our members); and 3. Belkis Balpinar Contemporary Tapestries: at Leon Mayeri's Persian Mercantile Co.,

July 11, 2000: Koji Wada Kasuri Dye Works Japanese Textiles: Techniques and Results YWCA Berkeley

Aug, 2000: Sumru Belger Krody, Associate Curator, Eastern Hemisphere Textiles, The Textile Museum. Flowers of Silk and Gold: four Centuries of Ottoman Embroidery: Richard Habib's Alexanders, S.F.

Sept: Vacation

Oct 24, 2000: Susan Scollay: Kaitag Embroideries Tony Kitz Oriental Carpets. S.F.

Nov 19, 2000: Jim Blackmon: Home is Where the Hearth is: The Yurt and Central Asian Weaving: James Blackmon Gallery, S.F.

Dec 5, 2000: Ninth Annual SFBARS Dinner: Elizabeth Wayland Barber: Origins of Tapestry Weaving:  9th annual dinner The Thomas Starr King Room, The First Unitarian Church S.F.