January: Panel Discussion: The Joys of Collecting Rugs.  Moderator Cathryn Cootner.  Panel Members:  Michael Andrews, James Blackmon, Michael Craycraft, Anne Halley, John Sommer: The Firehouse, Fort Mason, S.F.

February: Johanna Movassat and John Sommer:  The Art of Oriental Rugs. (A presentation and a walk-through of the exhibition). The Art Gallery of San Jose State University.

March: Dr. Gary Leiser:  Mohair Production in Ankara, from the European REnaissance to Modern Times.  Hazara Gallery, Oakland

April: James Dixon: A Viewing of Oriental Carpets (An Invitation to his home--on two separate days--in Kensington

May: Stephen C. Jett:  Navajo Weaving from Native Blanket to Quasi-Oriental Rug Tony Kitz Oriental Carpets, S.F.

June: Members of SFBARS: Child Labor and Rug Weaving: Personal Observations Abroad.  Video: Rights & Wrongs: (Naional Public Television Program #305.  Anchor Charlyne Hunter Gault) University of California Extension, S.F.

July: James Blackmon:  Herders and Camel CAravans: A Look at Two Classical Wool-weaving Traditions.  James Blackmon Gallery, S.F.

August: no meeting

September: Roger Cavanna:  Mother and Child:  The Pregnant Boteh.  Carpets of the Inner Circle, S.F.

October: George Jevremovic: Woven Legends Emmett Eiland's Oriental Rug Company, Berkeley

November: Serife Atlihan: Socio-economic Consequences of the DOBAG Project on Turkish Village Weavers (with 2 village weavers giving live weaving demonstration. Return to Tradition, S.F.

December: Fourth Annual Dinner Meeting  Elizabeth Wayland Barber: Ancient Eurasian TExtiles: New Evidence from the Tarim Basin of Chinese Turkestan.  Tomas Starr King room of the First Unitarian Church (or First Unitarian Universalist Association) S.F.


January: Vicki Fraser:  I'd Rather Knot (A demonstration of wool preparation, carding, combing, spinning and weaving of a pile rug.  Examples). The Social Hall of Saint John's U.C. Church, S.F.

January/February: Marla Mallett:  Hunting Archetypes: Some Design Origin Puzzles . Tony Kitz Oriental Carpets, S.F.

March: Michael Rothberg:  Tribal Bag Faces from Persia.  Peter Pap Oriental Rugs., S.F.

April: Diane Mott  A Garden of EArthly Delights: A showing of 34 fine rugs from the Caroline and H. Mccoy Jones Collections in The Fine ARts Museums of San Francisco.  The M.H. de Young Memorial Museum., S.F.

May: James Dixon.  Kuba Caucasian Carpets.  A private home exhibition split up into two separate occasions.  James Dixon's home, Kensington

June: Tom Cole.  Non-Turkomen Central Asian Rugs:  The Where, Why and How of their Procurement Leon Mayeri's Persian Mercantile Company, Berkeley

August: No meeting

September 8, 1996: John Sommer: The Kyrgyz and Their Reed Screens: Talk, Exhibition video of the Kyrgyz in the Pamir.  Home of John & Donna Sommer, Fremont

October 15: Tom Murray: Creativity and Constraint: Depictions of the Tree of Life in Lampung Textiles. Indonesian Textiles: Tony Kitz Oriental Carpets, S.F.

November (no meeting)

December 13: Fifth Annual Dinner Meeting. Gloria Gonick (curator of the Craft and folk Art

Museum of Los Angles: Barbarian Carpets: Thomas Starr King Room of the First Unitarian Church, S.F.



January 21, 1997: Jo Kris: What to look for when buying an Oriental Rug: Richard Habib's Alexanders, Mill Valley

February 27, 1997: Joseph Fischer (& Tom Cooper): Culture and Cloth: Embroideries and the Balinese Narrative Tradition: Hazara Gallery (Mohammad Zavar), Oakland
March 13, 1997: Diane Mott: Ottoman Velvets--A fresh look: The James Blackmon Gallery, SF

April 5, 1997: Professor Lois Beck: Tribal People and Carpet Production: Kroeber Hall Auditorium, rm

160 UC Berkeley

May 7, 1997: Melissa Leventon, Curator of Textiles: Unraveling Yarns: The Art of Everyday Life.  (A New View and a

Walk-through of the exhibition): The M.H. deYoung Museum, The TExtile Galleries. S.F.

June 23, 1997: Robert Pinner: Early Rug Weaving: Carpets of the Inner Circle (Roger and Pamela Cavanna) S.F.

July 30, 1997: Alex Ng: Tradition, Change & Adaptation in Navajo Weaving: The California Academy of Sciences, S.F.

August 13, 1997: Russ Hartman: Rugs of the Teec Nos Pos: Jewels of the Navajo Loom. A Walk-through of the Exhibition: The California Academy of Sciences, S.F.

September 3, 1997: Diane Mott: To Honor the Ancestors: Life and Cloth in the Andes: A Walk-through of the Exhibition: Galleries of the M.H. deYoung Memorial Museum, S.F.

October (no meeting.  Two meetings in November

November 17, 1997: J. Barry O'Connell, Jr., Rugs and Carpets of Afghanistan: at
Leon Mayeri's Persian Mercantile Company, Berkeley

November 23, 1997: Anton Felton: Jewish Carpets(in conjunction wht the exhibition): The Judah L. Magnes Museum, Berkeley

December 10, 1997: Sixth Annual Dinner Mmeting.  George O'Bannon: Kyrgyz, Usbek and Arab Rugs from Central

Asia, Annual Dinner, The Thomas Starr King Room of the First Unitarian Church, S.F.



January 23, 1998: Kate Fitz Gibbon: Silk Ikats of Central Asia: The James Blackmon Gallery, S.F.

February 4, 1998: Diane Mott: Ikat: Splendid Silks of Central Asia, (A

Walk-through of the exhibition of Silk Ikats from the Guido Goldman Collection.) The M.H. deYoung Memorial Museum, S.F.

February 23, 1998: Adjap Bairieva, Dept. of Ethnography Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan: Carpet Patterns in Traditional Turkmen Clothing: Mohammad Zavvar's Hazara Gallery, Oakland.

March 13, 1998: Joseph Bezdjian: Armenian Inscribed Rugs of the Karabagh Region and Other Rugs from the Joseph and Araxi Bezdjian Collection: Joseph and Arazi Bezdjian's Simonian Oriental Rug Cleaners, A Division of Rugs and Carpets, Inc., San Mateo

April 2, 1998: John (Jack) Corwin and Peter Pap: Afshar Weavings: A dialog: (In association with an exhibition of John Corwin's Afshar Weavints.) Peter Pap Oriental Rugs, S.F.

May 6, 1998: Myrna Bloom: New and Due: Books on Rugs from Ayvacik to the Tarim Basin: The Sandra Whitman Gallery, S.F.

June 13, 1998: Carol Bier, Curator of Eastern Hemisphere Textiles, The Textile Museum: Carpets, Cultures and Counting: Back to basics in a new way: A lecture co-sponsered by The Textile Arts Council of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.  Trustees Auditorium of The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, S.F.

July 15, 1998: June Anderson: An Anthropologist looks at Turkish Carpets: Ethnographic field work in the Villages: The Goethe Room, The California Academy of Sciences, S.F.

August 14, 1998: Fred Mushkat: Warp-faced Persian Bands: Emmett Eiland's Oriental Rug Co., Berkeley

September 28, 1998: Raoul E. (Mike) Tschebul: Did the Shahsavan Weave Pile Rugs?: Alexanders (Richard Habib), Mill Valley

October 11, 1998: Vicki Fraser: I'd Rather Knot: Creating a Rug for California: The California Rug & The Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino.

October 29, 1998: Mary Jane Bloom, founder The Textile Museum Associates of Southern California: From Istanbul to 'Kurdistan' via Villages and Yuruk Trails and to Yayla and Town along the Way: Tony Kitz Oriental Carpets, S.F. Cancelled

November: No Meeting

December 9, 1998: Seventh Annual Dinner Meeting.  Professor Henry Glassie (Indiana University): Weaving as a Way

of Life in Turkey: 7th Annual SFBARS Dinner Thomas Starr King Room of the First Unitarian Church, S.F.