The San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society, Inc.

A California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation*


Peter Poullada, President;   Patricia Leiser, Treasurer
Newsletter: Elizabeth Shedd:
Subscription Dept.: Jacqueline Van Lang, 6 Muir Ave., Piedmont, CA 94610 E-mail
Programs: 1819 Polk St. PMB 337, San Francisco, CA 94109; (415) 602-0709,


The purpose of SFBARS is to increase knowledge and appreciation of rugs and related textiles, both for its members and for the general public.  Founded and incorporated in 1981 by a group of Bay Area rug enthusiasts, SFBARS has grown to 200 members who share a common love for the original textile arts.


Subscription to SFBARS brings advance meeting notices that supply introductory information about speakers and their presentations, free attendance at meetings, and a newsletter.


SFBARS holds meetings some 12 times a year. A typical format includes light refreshments and a presentation by a member or guest speaker.  Speakers include well-known authorities on rugs and textiles from throughout the country and abroad.  Members and guests are invited to bring rugs and textiles to the meetings for discussion and comment.  We also organize an annual dinner meeting in early December.


In addition to its meetings, SFBARS sponsors workshops, gallery visits and exhibitions dealing with rugs and hand-made textiles.


The 6TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ORIENTAL CARPETS (ICOC) held in November 1990 was organized by our society and co-sponsored by the FINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SAN FRANCISCO.  The academic papers presented appear in Oriental Carpets & Textile Studies, Volume IV, published by SFBARS.  Our other publication is the catalog of the major exhibition, Oriental Rugs from Pacific Collections, held in conjunction with the conference.  Both books are available for purchase from ICOC.  


SFBARS meetings have been held in local Bay Area Galleries, in public facilities, and in members' homes.  SFBARS cooperates with related organizations and co-sponsors special events with local groups such as THE CENTER FOR MIDDLE EASTEN STUDIES (UC Berkeley), THE FRIENDS OF ETHNIC ART, and THE TEXTILE ATRS COUNCIL (of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco).  A close relationship is maintained with THE TEXTILE MUSEUM (Washington, DC), THE TEXTILE MUSEUM ASSOCIATES OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ORIENTAL CARPETS (ICOC) and THE AMERICAN CONFERENCE ON ORIENTAL RUGS (ACOR), with ties also to more that two dozen other national and international rug organizations.


Subscription Information


SFBARS is open to all.

Fees are on an annual basis and bring advance meeting notices and a newsletter.

The annual fee for individuals is $40 ($60 for two individuals at same address). Those who wish to receive the newsletter only by e-mail, the annual fee is $35 or $50 for two at same address

The fee for non-subscribers and guests attending a meeting is $5.

The fee for out-of-area annual subscription within North America is $15 (with an additional $5 when attending a meeting).

Subscription outside North America is $20.

Students may apply for a free subscription in SFBARS with submission of a photocopy of current student I.D. They may attend meetings free of charge with presentation of ID.


For those of you who would like to provide additional support for our programs and speakers, you are cordially invited to contribute to the Honorarium Fund $______

To become a member of SFBARS, fill out the form below and send it with the annual fee (make check payable to SFBARS), or photocopy of current student ID,  to :


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